Sushirullen (Stockholm)



Customers challenge friends on the leaderboard and earn discounts on sushi for high scores, which must be claimed same-day.

This game also aims to educate Sushirullen’s target audience about their concept in a fun way. Their sushi is served in long rolls in a paper bag, which is carried and eaten by hand (the orange hand in the game removes bags). Soy sauce is squirted onto the sushi from their signature plastic fish…

– win prizes at Sushirullen, Stockholm
– tap to drop soy sauce onto your sushi until you run out
– unlock new ingredients as you progress
– easily restart this quick game
– compare your high score with friends

Nu kan du äta sushi även på språng. Inte nog med detta, har du någonsin provat sushi med yakiniku eller kyckling förut? Varmt välkommen!