ShakeTastic (LONDON chain)

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Check out the new “Mr YoTastic” game, for ShakeTastic – a milkshake chain with 8 shops in London. Customers have fun challenging friends on the leaderboard and will earn discounts on milkshake for high scores, which must be claimed same-day.

The Process – we brought the Mr YoTastic character to life (ShakeTastic had already created him in a partnership with a yo yo brand) using animation to keep the yo-yo moving. We also converted their paper “trick card” into Achievements (badges) that get unlocked throughout. The game starts out easy, giving the youngest players a chance, then gets progressively harder.

Here’s what ShakeTastic said about their game:


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– how many milkshakes can you drink?
– win prizes at ShakeTastic in & around London!
– bounce Mr YoTastic past the blenders
– complete the trick card
– easily restart this quick game
– can you outscore your friends?

Don’t Just Think It, Drink It!