Easy Breezy Rush (San Francisco)

Easy Breezy

This frozen yogurt game is for Easy Breezy is San Francisco, California, with 3 stores.

Easy Breezy Rush poster

How many gummies and cookies can you eat?
– earn rewards at Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt in San Francisco for achieving high scores
– guide the character to eat gummy butterflies, sharks and cookie dough
– avoid getting covered in frozen yogurt
– easily restart this quick game
– compare your high score with friends

Easy Breezy proudly blends original flavors using premium organic yogurts, custards and non-dairies (almond and coconut milks) with fresh fruits and other natural and corn-syrup-free ingredients. We have a well-curated selection of toppings that will always have fresh fruit, some old favorites and a changing selection of new ones.

Family-friendly during the day and a cozy after-dinner spot in the evening, we hope you come by and sample our frozen yogurt. We also carry frozen custard… just because it is so incredibly creamy and an excellent foil for the yogurt.

The limited waste we do produce is either recyclable or can go directly into the compost bin. That includes our spoons, cups and napkins. We love California – its delicious dairies, unrivaled fruits and beautiful redwood forests.

Come sample all three at Easy Breezy…
We think you are going to like it…

Android app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.loyaltygames.easybreezy