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4 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant Game

After creating and publishing your restaurant game for iPhone and iPad, we’ll provide ongoing email / phone support and occasional updates over time. There’s not much we can do to promote your game, other than show you the following 4 main ways:

1. promo poster for in-store and online (we’ll create and print it, or hand over the psd file draft if you have your own designer)
2. place the App Store logo on your website with a call-to-action (click to download / play)
3. post the live app link on social media occasionally
4. email & SMS blast if you have a database

Customers will also promote your iPhone game for you by easily sharing their high score on Twitter and by telling / showing friends in person.

Imagine your customers playing your addictive game when they’re not even at your restaurant, don’t you think they’ll mention it to others? If they reach a high score and unlock a reward to claim at your restaurant, don’t you think they’ll shout about it to friends and family?

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