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We create custom mobile games for businesses, often replicating the mechanics of proven, addictive, popular games – so we already know your game is going to be a hit with customers! We’ll customise the game entirely with your branding and menu items – name, logos, colours, fonts, ingredients – and publish it to the App Store, Google Play and online for people to play. Customers will challenge friends on the leaderboard and earn small rewards for high scores (optional)
Prizes would encourage customers to visit your shop today. They could be displayed inside and outside of the game on the promotional poster that we’ll create for you. The 2 main ways rewards can work (using example numbers) are as follows:

a) a score of 100+ equals a 25% discount, 200+ equals a free drink with a meal purchase, etc.

b) the customer at the top of the leaderboard every Tuesday at 7pm wins a prize that can be redeemed only on Tuesday night.

Customers could show in real-time that they’ve just reached 5000 points, for example, to claim a prize; staff can then easily verify that it’s a live game (as opposed to a screenshot) by having them press RETRY to reset the game to zero, ensuring that no prizes are claimed more than once. The game (and high score) remains visible until the user force closes the app or switches off their device; encouraging them to visit the restaurant ASAP to redeem their prize.

Another idea for rewarding customers is to give out something small for having them share their score on Twitter by easily tapping a couple of buttons.

Rewards displayed on a web page in the game gives you the flexibility to change them frequently and immediately over time.

Primarily with a poster inside your business. We’ll design this for you and make changes until it’s perfect or send the image files to your designer if you prefer. We’ll give you tips on other ways to promote it; it will certainly catch people’s attention on your website, social media, email and any other marketing channels. How many other businesses have you seen promoting their game?
You cannot. However, we can provide download and usage stats. It will add value to the overall brand experience. You’ll see customers having fun playing your game. Customers’ love for your brand will increase.You’ll obviously be in their mind if they play your game when they’re aren’t at your business. They’ll tell their friends too…
It can vary but 3 weeks is typical, including the ~7 days Apple usually take to process it. It really depends on how complicated and time-consuming the game is – we have a lot less work to do if we’ve previously published a version of it as we can jump straight into design as opposed to spending time on the game mechanics. Your efficiency in reviewing / approving is also a factor, as is the number of changes you require us to make throughout the process (there’s no limit).
Purely through the one-time set-up fee charged for your custom-made mobile game. We’ll never collect revenue in any other way. If you wish to frequently (every month for example) change ingredients or themes we could figure out a small monthly fee.
Nothing. It will be free to play.

Definitely not. Although you may advertise anything you want in the game.

No. An App Store update would be required.
We love making games and apps. We enjoy working with business owners and marketing teams. We found a way to do both at an affordable rate for any cool business.
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