Data Collection Forms

Most restaurants and other food businesses have no idea who their customers are; they walk in and out without you ever knowing their name. Either data isn’t collected at all, or a boring and generic attempt is made. Nobody cares about your Facebook Page or paper feedback form. Why not actually stand out by collecting email addresses and other customer data through a mobile game?

How do you collect data? Can you think of a more engaging and fun way than via your own custom branded mobile game for customers to play. At the beginning or end of the game, a data entry box will appear for the player to add their email in order to receive a prize. You can add as many data collection fields as you like, to collect names and phone numbers, or perhaps turn it into a feedback survey to better understand your customers and your product. You can then use the contact information for email marketing etc. to grow your business.

It’s amazing how many restaurants around the world copy each other’s tactics and only do something once enough other similar businesses are doing the same thing; it’s a surefire way to not stand out! Customers are guaranteed to get addicted to playing your game at or away from your restaurant – we already know this before we’ve even created your game, as we focus on tried and tested game concepts. Contact us to learn more about your food business can benefit from a custom mobile game.

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Restaurant Game Designer

Ever thought about having your own restaurant mobile game but didn’t think there’d be any affordable restaurant game designers out there?

Ever wanted to have your own custom-branded version of Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Pacman, Space Invaders, Fruit Ninja or any recent lesser-known but popular mobile game?

Your customers will challenge friends and earn physical rewards at your restaurant for specific high scores that you’ll set, with our guidance and knowledge of the game. Customers can be made aware of your game via a number of channels; including social media, your website, email blast, SMS but primarily via a promo poster displayed in-store that we’ll design and print for you. This means that if you ignore all of the other channels and just let the poster and App Store get the word out, you’ll have absolutely no work to do.

We are able to create games for a fraction of the cost of most game developers, resulting in a lower price and thus the possibility for a restaurant of any size to afford their own game. Contact Loyalty Games today to learn more, your restaurant game designer.


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Mobile Games for Pizza Restaurants

Mobile games for pizza restaurants are a great way to engage customers as they’ll get addicted to playing your game, even when they’re not in your pizza restaurant. The game could then drive customers in to buy food in order to redeem small rewards – for example – a free drink or free fries. You can determine the rewards (we’ll advise) and can alter them immediately over time where necessary. Think they’ll bring friends to the restaurant naturally and tell others about the fun experience too?

We have the ability to replicate a wide variety of popular iOS games at a low cost, making it possible for pizza restaurants to have their own game. This could involve jumping pizzas, collecting ingredients, match 3 pizza toppings, etc. A mobile game is a great fit for a pizza restaurant since people associate it with fun.

How do you engage customers with your marketing? Are you doing anything different to every other pizza restaurant?

Contact Loyalty Games today to learn more about the possibility of having your own pizza restaurant game…

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