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Toronto Mobile Games

Mobile games are particularly popular in Toronto, Canada. The games we create for Toronto restaurants and cafes (such as Bacon Nation on Spadina Ave) are designed to entertain and engage customers and their friends, who get addicted to your custom-branded game; challenging friends to beat their high score and aiming to get a score that will earn them an actual reward at your restaurant or cafe. Some customers will play your game in-store with their group, but many will play it elsewhere… with the rewards system set up so that they have to claim it at your business asap.


Have you played Bacon Nation Notorious PIG on the App Store and Google Play? We fully customized the famous Flappy Bird game; replacing the bird with the restaurant’s pig character, who flies through the air collecting bacon whilst avoiding the carrots. This goes hand in hand with the company’s philosophy on salad!

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Bacon Nation on the App Store

Bacon on Google Play

Bacon Nation on YouTube

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