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Chipotle game – Taste Invaders

Have you seen burrito chain Chipotle’s HTML5 web and mobile game yet?

Their version of the classic Space Invaders game is an interactive campaign for Chipotle’s fight against artificial ingredients. Control the burrito to avoid getting hit by chemicals and harmful substances that you might find in food from other establishments.


How long do your customers have to wait for their food after ordering? What do you they do in this time? Are they engaging with your brand and boosting their experience?

Your game would be playable on the mobile browser or as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. A game is the most engaging way to get your message across whilst providing a fun experience that customers will want to share with their friends, verbally and digitally. Like Chipotle, you could give you out rewards or discounts to give the customer an extra reason to play and share your game.

Contact us to learn more about creating a Space Invaders-style game like this for your fast casual restaurant.

You can play the Chipotle Taste Invaders game here: (we didn’t make it)

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