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Games are for Casual Restaurants – that don’t offer knives and forks!

Mobile games are the best fit for casual restaurants and cafes that serve food which doesn’t require a knife and fork.

The following foods are typically the most suitable for a game:

  • burgers
  • hot dogs
  • frozen yogurt / ice cream
  • milkshake
  • pizza
  • doughnuts
  • burritos / tacos
  • dessert
  • cupcakes
  • wings
  • chicken
  • juice / smoothies
  • salad
  • bagels
  • subs / sandwiches
  • cookies
  • fast food
  • pretzels
  • waffles
  • meatballs
  • bbq
  • mac n cheese
  • pie
  • chocolate
  • soup
  • pancakes
  • crepes
  • candy
  • nuts
  • fries
  • wraps
  • ice pops
  • sushi
  • dumplings
  • noodles

Those foods are a great fit when served up in a fun and modern way, since the game then matches the perspective of the business; whilst their customers associate their brand with having a fun experience. Casual restaurant marketing ought to be more fun and engaging.

As for the types of food business owners; Millennials or those that play games are always the most receptive to the idea of creating a mobile game for their audience, since they are more likely to ‘get’ how a game will impact on their customers. 

Contact us today to learn more about creating a mobile game for your casual restaurant.

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Mobile Games for Restaurants

Until now, only giants such as McDonalds, KFC, Chipotle and Hungry Jacks have been able to afford to develop their own mobile game for customers to play. That’s where Loyalty Games comes in.

We’ll create mobile game for your restaurant, to engage and entertain customers even while they are away from your restaurant, so they’ll be getting the urge to interact with your brand during commutes or when they’re bored. Why not create a weekly competition (ending Tuesday at 7pm for example) that makes them think about you before dinner as they attempt to earn top position on the leaderboard, in order to earn a prize to collect that night. Any high scores achieved outside of this competition will result in a reward that they’ll have to claim quickly; for example, survive for 5 minutes and receive free fries with your meal.

We only replicate games that have previously been trending on the App Store, so your game is already guaranteed to impress. We have the ability to customise every pixel on the screen and can also alter the game mechanics if desired, perhaps to speed it up and make it more difficult, since one of the elements that gets people addicted to a game is the difficulty of it.

Want to try a mobile game for your restaurant? Take advantage of our introductory rate now! We’re confident it will be a success for you restaurant and that you’ll wish to order new customised mobile games on a regular basis.

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