restaurant mobile game


Restaurant Game Designer

Ever thought about having your own restaurant mobile game but didn’t think there’d be any affordable restaurant game designers out there?

Ever wanted to have your own custom-branded version of Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Pacman, Space Invaders, Fruit Ninja or any recent lesser-known but popular mobile game?

Your customers will challenge friends and earn physical rewards at your restaurant for specific high scores that you’ll set, with our guidance and knowledge of the game. Customers can be made aware of your game via a number of channels; including social media, your website, email blast, SMS but primarily via a promo poster displayed in-store that we’ll design and print for you. This means that if you ignore all of the other channels and just let the poster and App Store get the word out, you’ll have absolutely no work to do.

We are able to create games for a fraction of the cost of most game developers, resulting in a lower price and thus the possibility for a restaurant of any size to afford their own game. Contact Loyalty Games today to learn more, your restaurant game designer.


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Restaurant Mobile Marketing

What does your restaurant do for mobile marketing? And most importantly, how many of those things are not being done by your competitors? A mobile game can make your restaurant mobile marketing more effective and have a greater impact, even if it’s just for being different.

Until now, only restaurant giants such as McDonalds, KFC and Hungry Jacks have launched their own mobile game; purely due to the fact that mobile games typically cost thousands or tens of thousand to build. At LoyaltyGames, we make it possible for a restaurant of any size to have their own mobile game for customers to have fun playing, challenging friends and earning small rewards for achieving high scores.

Contact us today to talk about creating for a mobile game for your restaurant. It’s a great fit as a restaurant mobile marketing tool for fun food companies such as burger joints, frozen yogurt shops, Mexican restaurants and other restaurants that serve things like gourmet hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, gelato, salad, pancakes, coffee, bagels, doughnuts, dumplings, candy, etc.

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