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Games for Restaurants – The Process

Games for restaurants… here’s the process:

  • together we’ll decide on the best game to create for your restaurant
  • you’ll send over any relevant graphics
  • we’ll send screenshots of your game while we make it, so you can review and approve the design
  • we’ll ask for your approval on the app name, icon, loading page, etc
  • we’ll submit it to Apple and wait for them to review and publish your restaurant game – this typically takes 7-10 days
  • together we’ll decide on some rewards to offer for achieving specific high scores
  • we’ll create a promo poster for you to display at your restaurant
  • we’ll give you restaurant marketing tips on how to promote your game further if you wish to – the main alternative ways are via email blast and social media
  • we’ll always be available if you have any questions or wish to edit the game rewards

Here at Loyalty Games, we specialize in making mobile games for restaurants. Contact us today to receive some live examples relevant to your restaurant…

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