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Restaurant Game Designer

Ever thought about having your own restaurant mobile game but didn’t think there’d be any affordable restaurant game designers out there?

Ever wanted to have your own custom-branded version of Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Pacman, Space Invaders, Fruit Ninja or any recent lesser-known but popular mobile game?

Your customers will challenge friends and earn physical rewards at your restaurant for specific high scores that you’ll set, with our guidance and knowledge of the game. Customers can be made aware of your game via a number of channels; including social media, your website, email blast, SMS but primarily via a promo poster displayed in-store that we’ll design and print for you. This means that if you ignore all of the other channels and just let the poster and App Store get the word out, you’ll have absolutely no work to do.

We are able to create games for a fraction of the cost of most game developers, resulting in a lower price and thus the possibility for a restaurant of any size to afford their own game. Contact Loyalty Games today to learn more, your restaurant game designer.


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Case Study: Schlotzsky’s Restaurant Loyalty Game

Restaurants are now looking to mobile loyalty games to engage customers and deliver rewards. Take Schlotzsky’s Cafe & Bakery, headquartered in Austin Texas, for example… whose Stackin’ mobile game challenges players to stack ingredients on a bun as they drop from above. Players who reach level 5 earn enough points to claim a free sandwich in-store. This style is much more creative and fun than traditional loyalty programs, which suffer from low engagement due to over-saturation in the market.

Schlotsky’s CMO Mark Mears explains “We want to engage customers on an emotional level. The idea of gamification and social media sharing has become its own sport, if you will. People have a chance to share their scores with their friends, and compare and contrast who is doing well and not well and there’s a psychic benefit to that.” Mears says thousands of game players have shared their scores on social networks, contributing to digital word-of-mouth. “It’s a chance to diversify our approach so it doesn’t get stale. We always want to be sure that we are being relevant to our guests.”

Contact Loyalty Games today to discuss ideas for your restaurant loyalty game. We’ll replicate and fully customise a game for your restaurant, for a really low price, making it possible smaller restaurants and cafes to afford their own mobile loyalty game.

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