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Play Games on Tablets at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is installing tablets across the majority of its UK restaurants, as part of an ongoing effort to be a step ahead of smaller businesses when it comes to ideas engagement and technology. How are you using gamification to engage customers?

McDonald’s customers will be able to play games, interact on social media and browse the web on Samsung Galaxy tablets; following an “extremely popular” trial during its ‘Experience The Future’ programme, the biggest operational shift in the fast food chain’s 41-year history.

Doug Baker, head of IT restaurant solutions and service at McDonald’s UK, said: “Technology has an important role to play… in our customers’ eating out experience, so the changes we’re making as part of the ‘Experience of the Future’ programme bring us closer to the way people live their lives today.”

“Technology has an important role to play in all walks of life, including our customers’ eating out experience, so the changes we’re making as part of the ‘Experience of the Future’ programme bring us closer to the way people live their lives today. We pride ourselves on listening to customers and providing an outstanding experience; innovations such as tablets help provide this experience and have been extremely popular with customers.”

Tech firm SOTI – which partnered with McDonald’s to launch the tablets – said the decision highlighted an ‘increasing trend’ of retailers using technology to offer unique customer experiences.

Contact Loyalty Games today to learn more about introducing custom mobile games for your customers to play, whilst at your restaurant or on-the-go.


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Chipotle game – Taste Invaders

Have you seen burrito chain Chipotle’s HTML5 web and mobile game yet?

Their version of the classic Space Invaders game is an interactive campaign for Chipotle’s fight against artificial ingredients. Control the burrito to avoid getting hit by chemicals and harmful substances that you might find in food from other establishments.


How long do your customers have to wait for their food after ordering? What do you they do in this time? Are they engaging with your brand and boosting their experience?

Your game would be playable on the mobile browser or as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. A game is the most engaging way to get your message across whilst providing a fun experience that customers will want to share with their friends, verbally and digitally. Like Chipotle, you could give you out rewards or discounts to give the customer an extra reason to play and share your game.

Contact us to learn more about creating a Space Invaders-style game like this for your fast casual restaurant.

You can play the Chipotle Taste Invaders game here: (we didn’t make it)

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Restaurant Game Designer

Ever thought about having your own restaurant mobile game but didn’t think there’d be any affordable restaurant game designers out there?

Ever wanted to have your own custom-branded version of Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Pacman, Space Invaders, Fruit Ninja or any recent lesser-known but popular mobile game?

Your customers will challenge friends and earn physical rewards at your restaurant for specific high scores that you’ll set, with our guidance and knowledge of the game. Customers can be made aware of your game via a number of channels; including social media, your website, email blast, SMS but primarily via a promo poster displayed in-store that we’ll design and print for you. This means that if you ignore all of the other channels and just let the poster and App Store get the word out, you’ll have absolutely no work to do.

We are able to create games for a fraction of the cost of most game developers, resulting in a lower price and thus the possibility for a restaurant of any size to afford their own game. Contact Loyalty Games today to learn more, your restaurant game designer.


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