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New York games

New York and Games go hand in hand. Millions of people stare at their phones on the subway daily, killing time re-reading emails, browsing news articles that they’ve remembered to pre-download and playing games…

The games we create for New York restaurants and cafes (such as Bark Hot Dogs, on Bleecker Street, Manhattan & in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC) work without a signal, so they’re perfect for the subway. Your customers and their friends will get addicted to your custom-branded game, challenging friends to beat their high score and aiming to get a score that will earn them an actual reward at your restaurant or cafe. Some customers will play your game in-store with their group, but many will play it elsewhere… with the rewards system set up so that they have to claim it at your business asap.

Have you played Bark Stack on the App Store and Google Play? We used photos of their burgers and hot dogs, fully customizing a popular type of game which engages, educates and entertains customers and their friends.

NYC games

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