mobile game for pet shop business


Mobile Game for Pet Shops

How remarkable would it be to have a branded mobile game for your pet shop business?

People love mobile games and pets, so combining the two would surely be a winner in terms of engaging your customer base and driving them in to spend money while they’re redeeming¬†a small reward for achieving a high score in your custom pet shop mobile game.

Your customers (and potential customers) will have never played a pet shop’s mobile game, making your business stand out in the crowd. It’s newsworthy, it’s shareable and most importantly, it’s low cost.

For example, the game might involve a dog running through a platform game, jumping to collect bones or treats. It could be a match3 game with pet toys as the objects, or a pet-themed addictive puzzle game. Contact Loyalty Games today to learn more about creating a mobile game for your pet shop.

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