fatso’s last stand


Hot Dog Mobile Game

Hot dog restaurants are a great fit for a mobile game! Hot dogs are associated with fun and attract younger customers; the same audience that is engaged by mobile games. The best fit for a game are those hot dog stands who already have game-like graphics, perhaps with cartoon character logos such as Fatso’s Last Stand in Chicago, whose game is currently in development… However, even without such graphics, we’ll find or create them to make your game appealing to the eye as well as addictive and enjoyable to play.

Your customers will enjoy playing your branded iOS game; challenging friends, family and co-workers to achieve high scores and unlock actual rewards to redeem at your restaurant. This marketing approach will stand out since it’s really only multinational chains that have created restaurant mobile games for their customers to play, solely due the costs associated with mobile game development. Here at LoyaltyGames, we are able to create a game for a really low cost, ultimately meaning we can afford to set prices low to make it possible for any small restaurant to afford their own mobile game.

Which mobile games do you play? Ever wondered if you could create your own branded, customised version of a popular game? Contact us anytime to determine whether or not it’s something we are capable of replicating…

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