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Games are for Casual Restaurants – that don’t offer knives and forks!

Mobile games are the best fit for casual restaurants and cafes that serve food which doesn’t require a knife and fork.

The following foods are typically the most suitable for a game:

  • burgers
  • hot dogs
  • frozen yogurt / ice cream
  • milkshake
  • pizza
  • doughnuts
  • burritos / tacos
  • dessert
  • cupcakes
  • wings
  • chicken
  • juice / smoothies
  • salad
  • bagels
  • subs / sandwiches
  • cookies
  • fast food
  • pretzels
  • waffles
  • meatballs
  • bbq
  • mac n cheese
  • pie
  • chocolate
  • soup
  • pancakes
  • crepes
  • candy
  • nuts
  • fries
  • wraps
  • ice pops
  • sushi
  • dumplings
  • noodles

Those foods are a great fit when served up in a fun and modern way, since the game then matches the perspective of the business; whilst their customers associate their brand with having a fun experience. Casual restaurant marketing ought to be more fun and engaging.

As for the types of food business owners; Millennials or those that play games are always the most receptive to the idea of creating a mobile game for their audience, since they are more likely to ‘get’ how a game will impact on their customers. 

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